Back in the day.

“When I was your age” a phrase that has become ubiquitous with dialogue between a listener and an older speaker. Things were always harder,wilder and freer in the “olden days”. The outdoors were more accessible with greater acreage. Getting kidnapped or hit by a stray bullets or any other craziness which is common place in our world today was not a major concern. It was always a better world-back in the day.

Back in the day, you did not have to go far to be alone. Kids were raised on a slack leash with curfews governed by street lights. Today, work is required to find solitude, and real work to step into true wilderness.

Ironically, given the amount of work required to be alone, loneliness is a most present plague for many in this cramped concrete jungle we find ourselves. How many have more than one friend we can call and say hey men I’m addicted to … and I need help? or I’m over my head in debt and need to burrow $2000? I assume not many.

For a long time I ached for “back in the day” when I was raised by a village and fear was only limited to how far I could jump my bike. The bicycle has brought me the closest to this as I have been in my adult life. I can pedal the GAP or C&O and reach stretches where I am in true solitude. I see kids you ride with nary a worry about deadlines, debt, prodigal kids and the things that keep adults awake at night. I could sit up a little, loosen my grip, spin along and be a child – like back in the day.

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