The constant struggle for many of us is finding balance – the balance between desire and perspective. Straddling the line between gaining the value apparent in going outside and swallowing the cost of doing so in comfort. Alas it is said, Cheap, Strong, or Light – choose two!

Whilst at your prime, you are bursting with the desire to explore, learn, and see new things. You are overwhelmed with love, love that comes from a young family and creating memories, some fickle, most lifelong. I struggle to maximize what can be done during this time of my life, I weigh the potential regrets – Wishing I took that trip to Wyoming or I wish I stayed home and went to my daughter recital.


As much as I try to not live a material life, I keep thinking this balance would probably be easier to find if money were not an issue. Most of the people I hangout with are older and have paid their dues, I have to constantly remind myself of this. How great it would be to be able to take the family to British Columbia on a ski trip, or buy an extra set of carbon wheels because it catches my fancy. Soon I tell to myself, there must first be sowing before there is reaping.

I created wheelsup shuttle service for people like me. Those who cannot afford unbelievable prices to explore their back yards. Those who would rather pay for Jimmy’s birthday party than pay for a hotel room in order to start their bike tour. Wheelsup shuttle picks you up early, gets you to the trail on time and gets you back home to the other things that really matter.

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Lets explore while we still can.



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